Information Telecommunication
Korea's stance as a powerhouse in terms of information technology is demonstrated by its vast IT-related production and exports, development of world-leading technology, and also the wide use of Internet and mobile telecommunication devices within the country. IT industry-related products, such as computer chips and mobile phones, account for over 30% of Korea's total exports, and nearly every Korean over age 12 owns at least one mobile phone. Moreover, almost every other household has broadband connections, and all parts of the society from food-service industries to public transportation systems are heavily dependent on computers and IT. The Korean IT industry was able to secure such a leading position through an interlinking development and usage process: new services generate new domestic demand, the infrastructure required to utilize such services is built up, and the manufacturing capabilities behind the related devices enhanced.

Telephone calling
One of the hardest adjustments to make in Korea involves telephone use. It is extremely frustrating for foreign visitors to make local calls. Just follow the instruction for your easy phone calling. Two basic points should be checked before you call: first check if your receiver location is in the same area or not; second, check what type of phone you are calling (ground line phone or cellular phone) along with receiver's phone type, and then dial the number as follows: Given below are of some examples.

Area Codes
Seoul 02
Gyeonggi province 031
Incheon 032
Gangwon province 033
Chungnam province 041
Daejeon 042
Chungbuk province 043
Busan 051
Ulsan 052
Daegu 053
Gyeongbuk province 054
Gyeongnam province 055
Jeonnam province 061
Gwangju 062
Jeonbuk province 063
Jeju 064

MS Public phone
How to use MS Public phone
Pick up the handset - Insert card (Telephone card) - Dial number - Talk - Hang up - Receive card.
MS phone is perhaps the most comfortable one to make an international call.
The phone cards are available in most of the convenience stores around the country.

IC Public phone
How to use IC Public phone
1. Insert Coin - Dial number
2. Insert IC card - Dial number
3. Insert credit card - Retrieve card - Dial number

Data payphone
Data payphone is available both voice and data transmission with maximum 56kpbs access speed. You can access internet and send data as well as making a phone call with your MS (Magnetic Stripe) telephone cards.

How to use
General Dial-up program
1. Insert the modular plug from your terminal into RJ-11 modular jack.
2. Insert telephone card.
3. Activate the communication program.
4. Use internet of PC communication service.
5. Finish the data communications, the card will be ejected.

Entering phone number using atdt
1. Insert the modular plug from your terminal into RJ-11 modular jack.
2. Activate the communication program and type "atdt" and "phone number."
3. Insert telephone card and press enter key.
4. Use internet of PC communication service.
5. Finish the data communications, the card will be ejected.

IT Public phone
IT phone is the advanced multimedia public phone that is integrated into telephone and computer. It enables anyone to access the diversified contents such as video phone, video mail and the internet service by simply touching the screen. The internet service, FTP, Telnet, and on-line games are available with the notebook connected to the IT phone with LAN cable.

Cellular Phone Rental
It is available at the Incheon International Airport or at the rental offices.
Low cost for domestic telephone calls. No fee for incoming calls. All billings end at the time of departure.
With a simple application, you can directly use handsets.
Passport and credit card are required for subscription.

Rental fee
After use, please return handsets to the rental office. The service will be automatically terminated on your return.
Subscription fee - Free of charge
Daily rent - Euro 2.5 per day
Cost of telephone call
Domestic call - Euro 0.09 per 10 seconds
International call - International call charge + Euro 0.09 per 10 seconds
Receiving - Free of charge

Payment will be made in cash or by credit card upon return of handsets.
The failure of the return on your departure, daily rental fee will continue to be imposed and fees are billed to the credit card registered upon subscription. For long term rental (2 months or more), rent is settled monthly, and you will be informed the rent due by phone in advance from the rental office. Handset loss or damage caused during the rental period will be calculated based on the handset value.

Mobile & SIM
The Mobile & SIM international roaming service enables customers who use GSM cellular phone service abroad to make full use of their cellular phones in Korea with their own SIM cards as well as with handsets that SK Telecom (Korean local telecommunication company) offers for rental. The customers of SK Telecom roaming partners listed below.
Subscription fee - Free of charge
Daily rent - Euro 1.2 per day.
Cost of telephone call
The cost notified by your overseas provider will be applied.
- Contact your overseas GSM customer service center for detailed fees.
Payment will be made in cash or by credit card upon return of handsets.
If you fail to return on your departure, daily rental fee will continue to be imposed and fees are billed to the credit card registered upon subscription. Handset loss or damage caused during the rental period will be calculated based on the handset value.

Austria One, Mobikom Netherlands Orange Netherlands
Belgium Belgacom, Mobistar, KPN, Orange Norway Telenor, NetCom
Bulgaria Globul, MobiTel Phillippines Globe Telecom, Smart, Digitel
Cambodia Casacom, CamGSM Poland Centertel, Polkomtel
Canada Rogers, Microcell Portugal Vodafone, Telecel, Optimus
Chech. Rep Cesky Mobil, Eurotel, T-Mobile Chech Republic Russia KB IMPULS, Megafone, MTS
China China Mobile, China Unicom Saudi Arabia STC
Denmark TDC Mobile, Orange, Telia Singapore Mobile One, Siigatel, Starhub
England T-Mobile UK, Vodafone UK, O2 South Africa Vodacom, MTN
Finland Finnet, Telia Sweden Telia Sonera
France Vouygues Telecom, Orange France, SFR Switzerland Orange Switzerland, Sunrise
Germany O2, T-Mobile Spain TME, Vodafone Airtel, AMENA
Greece COSMOTE, TIM Taiwan Chung Wha Telecom, TCC,
KG Telecom, Far Eas Tone, Mobitai
India Bharti Mobile, BPL Cellular, SPICE Telecom,
RCSL, MTNL, Hutchison, Essar, HMTPL, FASCEL
Turkey IS-TIM, TEKSIM, Turkcell
Indonesia INDOSAT-M3, Satelino, Telkomsel Ukraina Kyiv Star, UMC
Italy TIM, Vodafone, Omnitel, WIND Uzbekistan Coscom
Japan NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone Vietnam Vinaphone, Mobifone
Jordan Fastlink    
Kuwait Wataniya Telecom    
Macau CTM Macau, Hutchison, Smar Tone    
Malaysia Celcom, MMSSB, MAXIS, TM Touch    
Mongolia MobiCom    

Postal Service
Korea Post is in charge of postal services and financial services by its 3,663 offices.
Provide basic postal services of handling and delivering postal matters (General mails and parcels).
Provide additional postal services (Registered mails, acceptance of postal matters at the customers' location, sales of local products by mail order, and postal errand service, etc.
Handling postal savings, postal money, order and postal giro
Handling postal insurance

The letters are letter post items that sealed the Correspondence with the stated post items. However, literature for the blind, received at the window, and large sending printed papers or small package are excepted from letters, which are approved from the receipt post office chief, and sent sealed.
Generally, letters mean documents that have the quality of correspondence. But for global mail, it also includes the following. "Mail that doesn't meet the other conditions except those of letters. Namely, mail affiliated with other categories." Letters with a perishable biological substances and radioactive substances are included.

Printed papers
A reproduction that produced as many same copies on paper, cardboard or other general materials for copying by a method acknowledged by the recipient postal administration.

Small packet
A small, light products or gifts. In terms of quality, the contents are the same as regular parcels, but it is classified as a type of letter-post item to for easy handling under definite conditions, and a special mail item of international mail.

Literature for the blind
The letters of Braille and a printed edition with Braille marks. Special conditions are not required for the small parcel, however, to verify the content, it should be easy to open. (It shouldn't be sealed by glue or tape) Recording items or Braille papers from the acknowledged blind institute or to the same institute is handled as literature for the blind.

As one of the airmail systems, the aerogramme enables shipping the mail to anywhere in the world at the same rate.
Because it just uses a letter size paper folded as an envelope, and at the same time serves as a letter, it's quite simple and convenient to use, and the cost reasonable. That is why it is widely used.

M Bag
The M bag is to send large quantity of newspaper, periodicals, books, and magazines to the addressee. One full mailbag will be considered as one mail item, and the weight limit will be 10kg to 30kg. So it's easy to package and allows sender to ship a larger quantity.
Mailbag service is offered by all the post offices. (except the postal agency)
Only accepts mail items over 10kgs and the rate will be counted in kilograms.
Normally it can be sent to most countries, but not all the countries handle registered mail.
Special services are possible. (Registered, Urgent, delivery confirmation)

Registered mail
Each registered mail will be given the receipt number and the service process will be recorded from the time the mail is received till delivered. This is an accountable way to guarantee delivery, and in case of loss or damage of the mail items, compensation will be issued.

Advise of Delivery
Upon request, the advice of delivery service will get the confirmation of delivery from the addressee and notify the outcome to recipient

International express mail is the special type of mail to send fast mail items to the recipient by the request of sender, whose country must have a pre-existing express mail system.

Insured Letters
In the case of loss or damage of postal items such as the bank checks, bearer's bond, valuable documents and the letter note with valuables in it, can be insured within the reported amount by the request of sender.

Recorded Delivery
As the middle-class type of the service between registered and general mailing services, the recorded delivery service presents a receipt to the sender and records contents of the mail as in registered mailing service, but the process up to reaching destination and addressee is the same as it is in ordinary service. In case the mail item is lost, the cost will be reimbursed.

Prohibited Items
Prohibited items means that those are not allowed for international mailing service. The reason to setup the prohibited items is firstly to avoid the harm to post officers and postal installations and secondly for the policy of each country. The treaty, mail service regulations, and other internal laws define internationally prohibited items.

Ordinary Postal Matters
Drugs and other psychotropic substances
Explosive, inflammable or dangerous items. But, perishables, biological and radioactive items are not allowed.
Indecent or pornographic material
Unacceptable items by receiving country
No live-animals. But on the purpose of prevention of the breeding and extermination Spiders, bees, silkworms are allowed by ordinary mailing service, not by insured mailing service.

Parcel service
Follows are not allowed in any case.
Items that are harmful to the staff, other parcel or postal equipment.
Narcotic drugs and other psychotropic substances
No realistic and personal messages to the public besides sender, receiver and their family.
Alive animals. Only exceptional by the postal regulations.
Explosive, inflammable or dangerous items.
Radioactive items
Indecent or pornographic material
Unacceptable items by receiving country
No valuables, bearer's bonds, checks, cash and traveler's check for non-insured mails as they are shipped to the countries that service the insured parcels. In such a case, according to the agreements, the two post offices must consider the stipulations in order for insurance to be applied.
Firing agents

Explosive Materials
Firing agents : Firing agent, flash agent, discharge printing agent and thermals
Pyrotechnical articles
Ignitability material
Inflammable material
Strong acid
Radioactive items

An international postal service which brings letters, documents and parcels to their destinations abroad the fastest and safest through a special agreement between the Ministry of Information and Communication and the postal services of 143 countries.

Delivery Inquires through Internet
EMS sent to major countries including the Republic of Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, and gradually expanding are possible to track and confirm through a global computer network, the delivery status being available upon inquiry. In case, a computer inquiry is not possible, a quick inquiry by fax or post is available for reference upon the user's request.

EMS TCS (Time Certain Service)
The main traits of this service is that it is the fastest among international mail services, delivery standards are well complied to and delivery results are automatically informed to sender.
All tariffs are reimbursed to sender if mail does not reach destination in previewed time.