Tea Ceremony / 3 hours

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  • Tea Ceremony

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Tea ceremony is an invitation to Korean traditional tea culture. The ritual is really precise. The origin of the Korean tea culture dates back to the 1st century AD with the introduction of tea seeds from India. From early on, Korean Buddhists recognized the tea ceremony as a form of meditation. It was shared not only among Buddhist monks but also among Confucian scholars. The royal court ceremony represents the official tea ceremonies performed at the palace.

Spend the time enjoying the peaceful moment of tea-drinking along with crispy Korean cakes. Central to the Korean approach to tea is an easy and natural coherence, with fewer formal rituals, fewer absolutes, greater freedom for relaxation, and more creativity in enjoying a wider variety of teas, services, and conversation.

Tea with the five senses. You hear the boiling water with your ears, smell the tea fragrance with your nose, see the tea color with your eyes, taste the tea with your mouth, and feel the warm tea with your hands. And check out five tastes. First taste bitter, then astringent, then sour, spicy, and finally, sweet. Although a short program, you will be impressed with the subtle touch of the Korean tea culture. In addition, tea ceremony strengthens one's character and discipline, and raise society's moral.