It was the 5th of December, 2007 when the first group of 332 people crossed the heavily fortified border between the two Koreas for a one-day trip to the historic city of Gaeseong in the North. But the tour is suspended as of the 1st of December, 2008.

Gaeseong 1 day

Tour Highlights
  • Bakyeon Waterfall
  • Gwaneumsa Temple
  • Sungyang Seowon
  • Seonjukgyo Bridge
  • Goryeo Museum

Seoul - Gaeseong - Seoul (L) 210km
About one hour journey from downtown Seoul leads you to the South Korean CIQ. Upon collecting your tour pass and with clearing exit formalities behind, travel northward by crossing the tension packed demilitarized zone and military demarcation line into North Korea.

Upon clearing entry formalities, North Korean tour guide joins to escorts you to Gaeseong. The tours begins with a visit to Bagyeon Pokpo, a 37-meter-high scenic waterfall which is often dubbed one of the Songdo-samjeol, or the three things (figures) famous for fidelity in the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), along with Hwang Jin-i and Seo Gyeongdeok. Situated about 27km outside of the ancient capital is Bagyeon Pokpo one of the three spectacular waterfalls on the peninsula along with Guryong Pokpo at Mt. Geumgang in the North and Daeseung Pokpo at Mt. Seorak in the South.

Led by North Korean guide, the visitors move in group to Gwaneumsa Temple. Gwaneumsa is a historic temple built in 970 and refurbished in the 17th century, though only the main worship hall survives now. Lunch is served with Sipilcheop-bansanggi, a set of 11 side dishes, in brassware in a traditional restaurant.