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Nanta 3 hours

Tour Highlights
  • Cultural Performance

We book this tour through subcontracted out to other tour companies. Therefore the tour quality, conditions and prices by their nature may vary company to company.

Arrival complications
Sometimes the unexpected can happen; If you have missed your tour departure, first call the relevant emergency number and speak to our staff who will be happy to help you catchy up with the group. Please note that you are responsible for any extra travelling expenses incurred due to you missing your tour’s departure, so please be on time.

Nanta (- - -)
You will board a tour bus with other tourists to enjoy the cultural performance. COOKIN (the original Korean title is NANTA, meaning crazy beat) has achieved fame from home and abroad. A frying pan, a water bottle, a pot, a chopping board, a knife - a musical instrument? Knives and other kitchen utensils are transformed into musical instruments in the hands of the performers. The haunting and heart-stirring music based upon Korean Samulnori rhythms combined with give distinctive characters, comic explosion.

Nanta still grows everyday to become better production, more entertaining performance. The only and the best entertaining performance with a high energy, easy-watch experience, infectious rhythm and non-verbal humor that cuts across both age and international barriers. Nanta is the first Korean performance based on traditional Korean rhythmical music, but is mixed with European style dance movements. The creative settings used in the musical, such as the large kitchen stage, are quite impressive. Nanta is about four Korean chefs preparing a wedding dinner at a restaurant. As the chefs receive the order from the manager to finish making the dinner within an hour, the cooking process suddenly turns into a percussion music performance. The performers play the highly energetic Korean traditional percussion music, Samulnori, using all sorts of kitchenware such as chopping knives, cutting boards, vats, pots and stew pans.

The performance follows the endearing chefs as they struggle to overcome the rivalries, trials and tribulations that are inevitable when there are too many cooks in the kitchen and an overzealous manager. The result is a feast for the senses as the chefs use every kitchen utensil in the kitchen, as well as their own bodies to drum out rhythms and draw laughter from the audience. At the end of the tour you will be dropped at the Lotte Hotel Seoul.

The tour is subject to operation with minimum two persons and will be conducted in English
Tour by taxi or van
Pick up service not available
Tour starts and ends at Lotte hotel Seoul (19:00-22:00)

Tour fare
100,000 Won (Approx. USD 100) per person for S seat

Full payment required at the time of booking

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation notice received one day prior to departure : 50%
No Show : 100%

Child discount not available